EPISODES (Click the episode to see the podcast site)

EPISODE 1: Golly Gee!

This first episode reminisces about one of Canada’s greatest hockey teachers and previews the show’s future content.

EPISODE 2: The Coach Selection “Process”

Richard invites his former TSN co-host Gregg Kennedy to discuss what goes on, or should go on, in the coach selection process.

EPISODE 3: Do hockey schools work?

Rick Ladouceur, a former junior A and AAA coach, has run hockey schools for ages and ages and…well, let’s hear what he has to say about them.

EPISODE 4: Part 1 – Hockey Canada’s modified ice program

Steve Millar has been teaching hockey for a long time. He gladly changed his approach when the new program came about.

EPISODE 5: Part 2 – The modified ice program

“I was skeptical at first,” says former pro Corey Lucas, a teacher and coach in the new program. “But it works. It really does.”

EPISODE 6: The team from hell (Coming April 10, 2020)

What coach hasn’t had a group that was, at best, forgettable. Here’s the story of one , from former AAA and junior A coach Rick Ladouceur.